Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jimmy Dore Show...Now with more Dore to see.

For a while now I have been, via podcast, enjoying The Jimmy Dore Show.

It looks at politics and media, through the prism of comedy, including a number of great comedy writers and stand up comedians. It's a fun show that hits on issues and current events.

Along with the radio/podcast work, Jimmy Dore also now is providing content for The Young Turks channel on YouTube. (If you listen to different liberal/progressive media, you may have noticed that TYT has been expanding and including a number of new voices.)

So here is the first of two episodes I have seen that are available now.

They are still refining things, but I look forward to more from Dore.

Also he is trying some of the segments he does on the radio, like Oh My God!

While I am mentioning all things Dore, I would like to point to his recent interview with comedian Fred Stoller on his podcast, Comedy and Everything Else. It's a humorous and interesting back and forth.


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