Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Standing on Obamacare.

For some working on health care reform was a folly. People, like Barney Frank have said it shouldn't have been attempted. And others want to flee it and deny it ad nauseum. It is a reaction we see too often on the "Left." Backing away from desired policy advances only strengthens the Rights expectations and arguments.

Now, is it flawed, "Obamacare", and I'll just call it that, but it does offer many important advances in services and access. Much more is needed, but to give this up will be to put many people in dire straits. It is important. And, it looks like some GOP Congresspersons are beginning to see and admit it...some what.

TPM (w/ video):
As the landmark Supreme Court decision looms next month, Republicans have been privately considering a plan to reinstate some popular provisions of "Obamacare" if it's struck down. 
Rep. Allen West (R-FL), a tea party darling, told ThinkProgress that he supports preserving three popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act — the same three that his party’s leaders are reportedly considering. 
“You’ve got to replace it with something,” West said. “If people want to keep their kid on insurance at 26, fine. We’ve got to make sure no American gets turned back for pre-existing conditions, that’s fine. Keep the doughnut hole closed, that’s fine. But what I just talked to you about — maybe 20, 25 pages of legislation.” 

 Even half-sensible Tea Party favorites know the reality, our health care system is flawed, and Obamacare's key ideas are important ways to right some of these issues. And as much as they want to junk aspects, like a mandate, they are important to make most all the positives functional.

So as, people like West go and spout off and try to placate the concerned voters in their districts, they want to sell the idea of all the candy of health care reform, and denounce the veggies. We need it all together, to try to bring together a bad metaphor.

And the bosses in the GOP know this.
The revelation sent conservative advocates — who have demanded nothing less than total repeal — into a tizzy, which forced House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to reaffirm his commitment to “repealing Obamacare in its entirety,” declaring that “[a]nything short of that is unacceptable." 
They can't actually keep any of it, not if they want to keep their zealots happy. But of course this is the one of many things, benefiting Ameicans, that the GOP and their pressure groups want to dismantle, and not for the interests of everyone.

Because let's remember, once they get rid of Obamacare, what are they going to do?

Nothing. They can't agree on an alternative, nor a way to accomplish the key results it has given us already and as it further unfurls for America.

Now, let's recall some of these Obamacare benefits:

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