Friday, May 18, 2012

What's the Tower of Babel?

Humanity is a funny little thing.

We have certain predilections. We like big things. We like bright lights. We like shiny red buttons. We like things that go boom.

Sure, we don't actually all like this crap, but it is how we as a species seem to continually hove.

Is it really that important that the new towers in New York be the tallest around? Fuck yeah!

How about crucifixes? We need them big right? If they aren't big enough, we might think they're trees, or telephone polls. Hell, no! That's a cross, an ancient tool for torture and execution. It's like how we used to build humorously large electric chairs, so death row inmates would look like Edith Ann.

But that's when executions were funny.

Anyway, giant comedy crucifixes...

Yes, someone had a vision from Gawd. And it is to build a giant, over 17 story tall, cross. Giant cross? Yeah, just the sort of thing I bet Jesus loves seeing.
"Oh, are you living by my message of loving and helping your fellow man? No? Just giving money to preachers? Building a multimillion dollar tourist trap based around the imagery of my grisely death...that's great."
Where do you think they would build a huge gaudy cross, where would that fit in too well? Mecca? Jersusalem? New York City? Hooterville?

No, Branson, Missouri. Only trouble will be all the people lining up outside assuming there will be a buffet inside it. ...As big as it will be, there may actually be a buffet in it...

And remember how this started. A guy had a vision in which God showed in a large phallic symbol, then he continued to obsess over larger and larger phallic symbols, now his son continues the vision...

And that is how our civilization advances...

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