Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diss-trict of Columbia. Funny, eh? Not really.

The District of Columbia, is stuck in a crap position. It's actually a territory, and being the capitol, it gets treated like an ever present pawn and a whipping boy. It has a representative, but no vote. And many decisions on its budget and laws are get in Congress, and you can imagine how nice that is for a city.

Along the way, it's been slapped around by the Catholic Church when adoptive services weren't going to be run the way the Church liked (but the Church is run by dicks and assholes). But Congress, particularly Republicans really love abusing DC. Guess if you aren't a real boy, your a puppet.

Since December, the GOP worked to cut off all funding to abortion services. This includes money from local taxes. D.C. CANNOT take and spend it's own money as it wants. That is the "state" of life in D.C.

How would you like to live with that absence of freedom?

It must suck, to be blunt.

And as they continue to mettle, the GOP pushes this further, now trying to pass law banning abortion in the district after 20 weeks. To be clear, Congress is looking to set law for the city of D.C. THEY DO THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME! And when Delegate Eleanor Norton, D.C.'s only representation, wanted to speak, she was denied. Why listen to a woman from the district, or it's elected representative, right?

Why aren't they a state yet? Or given some recognition and access to the rights as citizens of the country they are currently being denied?

Some have said that it is The Capitol. So Congress has a vested interest. But of you look at the issues that D.C. citizenry have dealt with over the decades, and the general Congressional disinteret, you know that reasoning is bull shit.

Just saying.

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