Friday, May 25, 2012

NC Fantasy Camps of Terror

Pastor Worley from North Carolina managed to nicely represent the constipated view and understanding of so many religiously faithful in regards to the LGBT community.

On the one hand he doesn't want to force convert them to not be gay. Nor does he want to stone them all to death (Is there any other stoning policy?). No, he just wants to round them up, put them in a small isolated area behind electric fences. Oh, don't worry he also wants to feed them while they die off inside. Christ's love! LynnSanity (at Illiter8 on Twitter) pointed me to the Human Rights Campaign page on this (w/ video).

And it's been learned that in past decades he actually longingly looked back on the days when they would just out and murder gay people, so I guess he's actually moderated. Death camps all around. Add to this one pastor saying this garbage, the fact that he has been defended by his parishioners.

The idea is dumb. It is also kind of half-ass. I mean, it isn't well thought out, but it feels like he's put some thought into how to make it "fair."

But it is plain weak. If you want someone to pull this plan together and make it really work, you go to someone with a real imagination and genuine creativity. Enjoy.

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