Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The plus side of the new Justice League book.

Yeah, I have been wanting to look at the new DC Universe...

...right. No idea what that is? That's the reworked and restarted comic book line of DC know, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash (yeah, I don't use Green Lantern in this spot, and I don't even really like Barry Allen).

That drive away all the non comic readers then? 

Good, back to not explaining things.

Anywho, Justice League was the starting point for the new story lines, introducing the various heroes meeting and facing a big bad. And it was not that impressive. As a long time reader, heroes come together, face Darkseid (weak SPOILER), and decide to work together. Seen that story SO MANY times already, so this does nothing new. Worse they told the story over several issues, before finally forming the team.

Here's an idea DC. One oversized issue in the first month of publication about the formation of the Justice League, and then get to more interesting stories. How hard would that have been?

So what is the plus of this book? Well the occasional bickering of Batman and Green Lantern is humorous.

But mainly it is the appearance of Steve Trevor (old time paramour of Wonder Woman, written out as such in the early 80's). Steve's job with the Justice League is to try and keep them in line, and running PR. So he runs interference with Congress to keep them from shutting down the League, and then gets the press to write up positive stories about the League activities. He makes sure they look good and are seen as vital assets. Not a thrilling job. But seeing him trying to make the bickering team look pristine is nice. Also we get to see how he's treated for his history with Wonder Woman. This is an interesting view of how having "a history" with a superhero is taken. Particularly to see how it's taken when you're a guy tied to an alpha female.

Yeah, he get's tabloid, get's joked about, but he does his job, because he's Steve Trevor, and he does his duty. ...And he's in love with Wonder Woman, though it isn't reciprocated.

So you find yourself fascinated about what is going on between the two of them. So far, all we get are his feelings and thoughts, so it's one-sided viewing. Hopefully more will be shown.

Part of what makes it so interesting is that in Wonder Woman's own book, Steve Trevor is no where to be found. Instead they are focused on this epic tale with Wonder Woman and revelations about the Greek Gods and her people's history. That has it's own positives and negatives, but it has left the story of any classic mortal supporting cast (Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, etc.) unshown and addressed. They may as well not exist. And they wouldn't, if not for Justice League. But with the choices made so far about the Gods and other Wonder Woman characters, it may be for the best.

You see how Trevor is done can depend. In the animated Wonder Woman movie from a few years back, Trevor was a cocky jock type. And, like with many romantic superhero pairings, the partners can get a hostile viewing by writers and editors. But Justice League is actually placing out there, making him a bit cool, and allowing us to build sympathy and love for the guy, who's been long off most are radars. I hope Justice League helps solidy and positively define the character for the new era.

So I am enjoying having Trevor around as a part of the greater Justice League world. It is the books single most interesting idea.

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