Thursday, May 24, 2012

If you want to see the issues with Mormonism. *UPDATED*

As I said in an earlier post, I don't think generic attacks on Romney for ostensibly being different are a thing I deeply dislike. It is the same, to me, as attacking Obama for being black, having the name Barack, or having a father from another country. Trying to alienate a person is not a good thing, particularly when they have actual aspects worth derision. And Romney does, from policy to personal actions.

However, that is not to say his religion, and his part in it is out of bounds (As Mormonism operates, he is a bishop of the church). Religion is NEVER out of bounds. It's just magic underpants are the same thing as a Sikh turban or a Jewish kippah. You can mock them, but why? It is all ridiculous. Other aspects of every religion are more worthy of our concern.

There are a number of sites that detail the experiences of current and former Mormons. Feel free to learn about these issues. One is, Recovery from Mormonism.

But to listen to a discussion about life inside the church, Reasonable Doubts podcast did a couple of good episodes talking to former Mormons.

Episode 99: Formons
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints remains largely mysterious to those of us on the outside. With the help of three former Mormons, we explore the history, rituals and beliefs of the LDS including proxy baptisms for the dead, racial issues, mission trips, and a theology more uncomfortable than any “magical underwear.”

RD Extra: The Ties That Bind - Sophie's Story
Former Mormon, skeptic blogger, writer and sexual rights activist Sophie Hirschfeld discusses her past in the Church of Latter Day Saints, an abusive marriage and how she got out of both.

And if you would like a more humorous view of the LDS, you have Mr. Deity.

This is a fun web series. And be sure to check out other episodes, and see all the other faiths get tweaked as well, along with the Deity himself.


Apologizes. I forgot to add a link to Part 2 of Sophie's Story, which was done as an online exclusive episode of WPRR's Reality Check show.

The Ties That Bind: Sophie's Story Part 2

In this online exclusive episode skeptic blogger and sexual rights activist Sophie Hirschfeld continues her story of leaving the Mormon church, an abusive marriage and how she became a professional dominatrix and an activist for sex workers rights.
To note, they do get into her sexual experience and work. But it is interesting to hear how unaware and uneducated she was, even after marrying, about sex. It speaks to how girls, women, and sexuality get treated. In part it is what we find in Mormon community, but in a larger sense it is what we find in the conservative Christian world view. Leave women blissfully ignorant of what will be asked and demanded of them once they are passed from father to husband.


And on 6/2/12 I fixed a typo at the start. And added the point Romney is a bishop of the LDS Church.

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