Friday, May 25, 2012

Sexism and Misogyny should never be political.

It's true. I have never wanted to see the issues with these issues as such, but what we have found is that some parties are more entrenched in old views and attitudes then others. That is not to say Democrats are immune, we have our own "old boys" that deserve the same slap up side the head for being assholes.

Now, as I have said in other posts, I am a fan of all sorts of comedy. Light fare to darker macabre humor. Self deprecating jokes to those that are pointed and aimed at certain people. But it is a matter of degrees. And we each decide how far is far enough with jokes. We rationalize the lines we stop at (just like with religion). For instance I feel you don't punch down, hitting or mocking those without power.

Also I don't generally care for jokes that dehumanize another person. I think most people feel this way. And you actually can one up that when you do this to someone you have a social or political argument with. You see chasing this humor means you don't have to actually address real issues. And it allows you to rob them of their humanity. The dialogue just stops. You don't win, you don't show the value of your position, you just humiliate.

How empty is that?

So, obviously, when Hustler, the Hustler of porn magazines, decided to go for some photoshop humiliation of a rather annoying and wrongheaded conservative pundit, S. E. Cupp, liberals came out to support her and denounce the pornographic treatment. Good. Her treatment is something that is insulting, and it's worth calling out as such.

S.E. Cupp, as I said, is not someone whose politics I care for. Her arguments for her ideology, candidates, or social norms in many cases hold no water for me. But that is my beef with her. I want to see persons like her argued and debated on that stuff. Photoshopping a crappy picture of her that degrades and hurts her does NOTHING to prove or show her the flaws in her positions. It just provokes. It is cheap.

This country has many problems in how we communicate and work through our social/political/economic issues. This doesn't improve things, it advances nothing (except sell some magazines), and only can coarsen the dialogue. We all deserve better.

And that should be where the story goes. We all agree, conservatives and liberals, that this was wrong and we will all learn and change...

That's not what happen.

Instead conservatives decided it was a good time to flip out and start cursing out the liberals who were agreeing with them and criticizing the sort of treatment Cupp got. Not surprising, like the story of the scorpion you could see it coming.

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