Tuesday, May 15, 2012

David Gregory does what David Gregory does.

As a surprise to no one that regularly watches David Gregory and/or Meet the Press, Gregory is going to be a keynote speaker for a conservative political group. The group NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business, which runs GOP friendly ads during the last election, and has been a leading attacker of health care reform and environmental regulation.

Add to this, the day before he is speaking, the group is having both Karl "MC" Rove and John "Red Martian" Boehner speaking.

Mixing and using his name with a political group and rubbing elbows with Rove?

Helping this group, effectively, raise money and improved legitimacy to as it preps to have an impact on the 2012 elections?


But this is his norm isn't it.?

No. I doubt any of us are surprised.

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