Friday, May 18, 2012

Mormonism critiques.

It is an odd state to be in. As a skeptic and atheist, I find Mormonism to be such a load of crazy bull. But I feel the same of all religion. It is all silly time.

So seeing people join in on criticism has a certain positive quality. It reminds of when issues with some Muslims and Islamic culture became more of an interest and concern in the mainstream, following 9/11. It is great to see an interest in harmful beliefs and practices, or just in the ideas and beliefs that fill the world.

Some it was actually about being unaware and wanting to really learn, but for many it was about the mob. It wasn't really about it's history and tales, or troubling traditions & certain religious leaders. It was about fearing others. It was about separating out the other. And in some cases make the other suffer.

Thankfully the sniping at Mormonism is not so hostile. But it is about ganging up. They're weird, they have different beliefs, different clothes, so you can't trust them. But the same can be said of so many groups, but Romney has helped get some added focus on "them" for now.

Again, like every faith, people should be more aware, and be willing to talk about oddities, and social issues of a faith. But as some have noted, some of the attacks aren't even relevant. Once Mormons openly engaged in polygamy. But they no longer do this. Whether they secretly promote it, or say it is still heavenly mandated, I don't know. But I see no proof they are. And yes they have break off sects doing it still, but they broke off. It is  a false and ignorant claim against them.

Worse it distracts from actual current and more wide spread social troubles in the Mormon community, and there are some severe ones that are worth getting out, like the treatment of women and many children. 

But this stuff isn't as fun as a funny polygamy joke, or a magic underwear quip.

Don't get me wrong. There are some funny joke in that. I love a good joke. But I get bummed at all the cheap and easy jokes. Particularly when they are more like everyone getting together to take turns picking on someone with a funny name.

But we are talking about Mitt Romney. And Mitt is an asshole. He has lived a pretty damned privileged life. He has never had to go without, but likes to pretend he get's it. But through his life, from his teen years to his business success, he has repeatedly shown a disconnect when it comes to the feelings or needs of others, particularly those that are an Other. The gay kid. The blind teacher. The family dog. The girls with his friends. The poor pensioners under the sway of Bane. They all seem foreign and alien to him. And all along the way as he mistreated people, he was forgiven, cheered, or just had people look the other way. It is creepy to think of him with power over a country (granted he is already rich, so he has plenty of power of government already). Even GW Bush didn't seem as disconnected as Romney does.

So Mitt has a huge satchel of bad karma built up, so it's hard to not enjoy jokes at his expense. But there are still cheap jokes. And hating him for being a Mormon seems so wrong and disingenuous. He wears "magic underpants". And this means what for the presidency? He believes differently about aspects of Jesus's will when compared to other Christians. And this will mean what for the economy?

Romney's surrounded himself with GW's Team Bad Idea. He, in a quest for power and glory, is willing to sell more and more out to the most Right Wing radical thinkers in this country. He shows no real moral center or principles.

He is the very creepy guy that Conservatism has decided to rally to's an election year.

People need to realize and have it explained just why he and the GOP will be taking the country backwards if they get further control. More over, it is important to show the benefit of getting more Democrats in to tilt the balance.

And if you want to discuss Mormonism issues, focus on actual issues in it.

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