Friday, July 13, 2012

Watching Friday the 13th the right way...By watching the TV series! *UPDATED*

Ah. Friday the 13th is here again. Has it already been a year?

Well, I would have liked to enjoyed the day more...did not happen.

But, I do have Friday the 13th: The Series (Hey, it isn't the Nightmare on Elm Street show.), and that is the finest way to honor a silly numeric day based superstition that is more and more being forgotten by society.

But this show is fun. It is one of the many late 80's/early 90's shows that were all over syndicated TV (Remember syndicated TV? Independent TV stations? ...Oh, god. I may just be so old...) At the time there was a fun spate of shows. B5. Highlander. Time Trax. War of the Worlds. The Untouchables. Star Trek: The Next Generation. And more. Never knew what you would find late at night on TV. Good times.

And Friday the 13th was one of the various attempts to create shows based on movies. Instead of a summer camp with a psycho killer, we get a curio shop, 2 young people and a wise old guy, and a mission to hunt down cursed items that all seem to be out to corrupt people and get massive numbers of people slaughtered. From creepy dolls to magic coins to deadly boxing gloves to vampiric cross, the show had fun playing with a variety of threats and adventures.

So tonight, I think I'll give the pilot a watch, The Inheritance. In it the two young cousins, Mickey and Jack find that they've inherited an old shop from their dead uncle. But they find it is not so much a chance for a quick buck, but, instead, they've inherited a curse, which consumed their corrupt uncle.

Luckily some of the show is on YouTube.

Here's Inheritance, if you're interested.

Here's the series normal intro.


Oh, well. Just for an excuse to talk about the post tomorrow...Other syndicated shows of the day: Poltergeist: The Legacy, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Kung Fu: The Legend ContinuesXena: Warrior Princess, new Twilight ZoneRenegade, Deep Space Nine, Vanishing SonPsi Factor, Forever Knight, new Outer LimitsRobocop, Tek War, Team Knight Rider, and Space Rangers (not syndicated...but, man, it should have been.).

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notintheface said...

Mickey and RYAN were the two young cousins. Jack was the wise old guy.

Fun show!