Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christian business means you lie for God.

I can only guess that Chick-fil-a had hoped that having it's president striking out in interviews and policy against the gay community would not cause them any bad publicity or lose them business.

That is not how things are going.

They are getting bad press. Angry customers. And, now, the Muppets want nothing to do with them. Which means, no Muppet toys...for, I guess, their kid meals.

Well, that is not great. But you can weather that with some adult serious business professionalism, right? I mean, they are a Christian business. They do want to do the right thing.

Muppets want to end a business relationship, and this business just puts out a claim that the Muppets make a dangerous toy. Classy. Sure they don't want to claim Kermit has cooties, and Big Bird is part of a Jewish conspiracy while they're at it?

We can all do better for a meal or a drink than this Chicken Shack, can't we?

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