Saturday, July 07, 2012

Cheap chicken can only taste so good.

Cheap chicken can only taste so good. A clearer conscious with a meal promises much more.

And there are many reasons to be troubled by fast food. Factory farming. Shoddy ingredients. Filthy eating conditions. All of these can be good reasons. But today, we talk about social conscious.

Namely, Chick-fil-a. It has been a proud religious conservative business. They won't open on Sundays. They often pump in religious music. They have it codified that they're required to "glorify God" and have a positive effect on customers (Way to fail there with all the fried food.).

And all that is fine. To each his own. I prefer not eating there. But plenty do. 

Still, when they go out of there way to invest in attacking the rights of others...they deserve to get called out for their intolerance. Hell, they have the American Family Association lauding them, that is pretty damning. 

This picture was put up on Tumblr:

They are active in funding the fight against marriage equality, to start.

People like me are up for critiquing many internal policies of companies, like Chick-fil-a. But they really do deserve to loose a lot business, as I know their are plenty of liberals and forward thinkers frequent this place.

Let's make this a bad fiscal quarter for them.

And, take a look at places you frequent, to decide if they're are supporting anything that is a genuine problem to your conscious.

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