Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Remembering Nikola Tesla

It's Nikola Tesla's birthday today.

One of history's geniuses, he seems to get put aside mostly, forgotten behind the Edison juggernaut and other notables. It is sad as he had a genius worth being more widely remembered. And, yes, he has a certain notoriety. But it's as something of a mad scientist. But this is mostly myth glommed on than it is reality. Still, a fascination with electricity will do that. (One stormy kite flight has stuck with Benjamin Franklin through history.)

The results of his work stand well for him: Induction Motor. Tesla Coils. Alternating Current. Wireless radio. Remote controls.

Not a bad a result.

Get to know the fellow.

And, sometime, get to know the more fantastical view of him.

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