Friday, July 20, 2012

Spate of kiddie supernatural horror toons.

Went to a theater last week, and noticed a couple of promos for supernatiral horror type films. Animated ones. Geared to kids. Eh. If it's done right, it can enjoyably engage adults and kids alike.

ParaNorman, was one of them. It actually looks like it could be fun overall. A little fun, a little creepy. I think I'm looking forward to seeing it. It involves Norman, an odd horror inclined kid, who can see and speak to dead people all around him. Then one day, he's given a ghostly warning of a undead threat to his town he needs to stop. ...

The other is Hotel Transylvania. This one is not as enamoring. I just saw the image of the vampire hotel owner (It's about a secret hotel for monsters that accidentally has a human guest. Eh,) in the theater promo and just internally growned. He just looks wrong, by which I mean he looks like SO MANY dad characters (He's a dad character.) in this type of animation. And, can't he look a bit...ghoulish, and be a Everyone else works, imagewise, but the vamp, ugh. And I now know he's voiced by Adam Sandler...ugh. Maybe I will be proven to be wrong in my initial reactions.

All this does make me want to go and see Monster House, to see how good it is.

Probably ought to see Coraline, finally, to.

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