Monday, November 12, 2012

Get better Conservatives. We need you.

I enjoyed this piece talking about my we Liberals need Conservatives out there.

Overall, I feel Liberals carry forward the better ideas, the better arguments, and the better philosophy. But that doesn't mean we don't require feedback. It doesn't mean we don't need a sounding board. And it doesn't mean we don't need a counter argument to test the strength of our ideas, or to fine tune our thinking. And some ideas of Conservatism are worth debating, and/or broken down to show the serious flaws.

The funny thing about being a good Liberal. We love a good argument. We want to move things. We want to make things better.

And to do that, we need you. We need you sane. We need Conservatism functioning right, so we can work out or show the serious flaws or horribly outdated philosophies. So we need the opposition.

And that is not what you are now. You are a ridiculous caricature now. Instead of a counterpoint, you are a wall. You choose to block all ideas we support. And then you respond with ridiculousness. You're side discusses the validity of rape. You're side thinks evolution is a satanic trick. You're side warns that all the scientists are lying. You're side suggest President Obama is a socialist Muslim. It's ridiculous.


There was a time when you were a serious party. Or, at least, you could put forward arguments that weren't patently ridiculous. But in a reach for power, you seem to have decided real arguments are for wusses. And you go to hyperbole, lies, or misdirection. You seem to have embraced the worse of what you are and have amplified and celebrated it.

And this is not what you have to be. You can fight for traditions, for small government, without all this...crap. And, yes, some of you aren't like this. Some think the president is an American. Some of you think evolution is fact. Some of you think rape is rape. Great. But that is not where your party is. It is not where Conservatism is. Look at the media voices. Look at their massive audiences. Look at the political leaders. They all believe or sell these bad ideas, or are beholden to those that embrace this thinking.

If you can see through it, it is up to you to lead the way.

So, one last time, see if you can shift away from this,


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