Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Best Man - 1964

I just saw that they have the classic film The Best Man on tonight. It tells the story of the behind the scenes shenanigans of a presidential convention. It started out as a play by Gore Vidal, and stars the likes of Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson. And all I can think is...why the heck is this not yet available in the US on DVD?

What is the hold up for this classic? A contentious fight ensues at the Democratic (?) convention. This leads to a battle between different flawed would be world leaders. One man, Sec. of State Russell (Henry Fonda), has cheated on his wife and spent a brief period getting mental treatment, but he wants to be an honest and worthy leader. Another man, Joe Cantwell (Cliff Robertson), seems squeaky clean, but is determined to win, whether it means embracing segregation, red scares, or any suspect cause that will get votes. He's willing and ready to pull any trick or story to destroy his opponents. But then the would be honest man gets hold of a claim of a suspect sexual experience for Mr. Squeaky Clean...but he can see how suspect it is, and how dirty the trick is. Will he use this to guarantee the convention win? Can he live with winning by any means?

This is just a grand flick.

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