Friday, December 11, 2009

Glam media

Crooks and Liars is somewhat peaked at the coverage Glenn Beck is getting from Barbara Walters, being called one of the years most interesting people.

I agree it is annoying to see him up like that treated as light fare.

But that is how Walters works, and Larry King. And it has long been so. King admitted once in an interview that if he had to choose between a news maker and a major celebrity, he goes with the celebrity as that is what his audience wants. It is how it works, and it works nicely for them, the interviewer, and them, the interviewee. It used to be a joke that when you get called out, as a politician or corporate face, for some negative remarks or acts, you go to this lot. The Walters give you some soft light place you beside your spouse, in sweaters and in front of a fire, and you your real snugly self to the world. Damage Control.

And it is nauseating. Look at the Tiger Woods story and how it is compared to the likes of Hugh Grant. People want him out in the limelight looking embarrassed and going red. Then they can move on, once we get our mental shaming done. Me, I don't care. It's a family issue. As to his business side, we'll see what comes.

But with the likes of Beck...he says horrid things daily. Makes money off of driving fear and anger. He stokes up a dangerous amount of rage, then tries to laugh it off and play the goof.

And with this interview he is just a jovial nice guy that...gosh, wants to help America. These shows are there to sell something. And like with Hugh Grant, it is about TV and movies, or others a tell all book. But when the politicians come in...

Were getting sold a whole other range of goods. That is what is nice with the likes of The Daily Show. They bring in an actor or author to talk about their work. But they don't treat the politicians the same. They are actually aware of the difference...a difference that some older venues are loathe to note.

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