Tuesday, December 01, 2009

To not like being a Republican is the first sign of sanity.

Republican figureheads have only grown more creepy over the past several years. Slowly many conservatives have grown uncomfortable in just how aligned they are, and where they are expected to cheer lead and throw there support.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is the latest conservative that is just getting sick of it.

Crooks and Liars notes where he is really pissed. Support for fascist here and abroad. Support of bigotry, hate, and supremacism. Support at curtailing the rights of women. Support of anti-science positions.

This is not to say Reps as an individual are bad. But many platform pieces, rallying arguments and cries, things screamed out, put on display, and disseminated among the party faithful is just troubling. And those individual Reps have to look at there party and ask, what is happened? Palin? The Religious Right? This is good?

In Congress they has been attacking so many areas (from medicine to science to history to civil rights), one in particularly is climate change. They seem to be up on all the latest conspiracy claims. And some want to go to Copenhagen for the environmental conference to watch and rally against scientific claims. If you watch British news you know else who wants to go as well. The Tories? No they are somewhat sane on climate change. It's the BNP, the nationalist, the fascist lites. These are the contemporaries and common ally of today's RNC. Look at the open and unchallenged activity of a number of representatives in Washington that have been spouting on Muslim plots, or death camps. What is this, a serious national party?

Can everyday people in the Rep tent really be happy? Or is the promise to keep the gays and the "others" away all you need? It's time to offer some real internal dissent.

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