Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More with the Christian Right

Just to give you more of that Christian verve...

Wingnuttery deluxe: Palin's God Can Kick Obama's God's Ass

Cause, you see, Obama's a Muslim...and a cancer...and the best he can do is be a suicide bomber...but we got Sarah Palin [cue the choral music], and she's gonna save us...cause she has common sense (Sir, you insult all that is common, and all that makes sense.) and lives a Christian life (With the lying, gunning animals down from the air, and constantly quitting jobs...she did get someone to write a book and put her name on it...that's pretty Christian.).

And the Salvation Army. I always feel awkward about them. They are EVERYWHERE. They ring bells and give you looks as you walk by. And I would like to give some to help people in need. But it's the Salvation Army...a Christian group...and a nasty at that. I would be rather go with a secular group that isn't out to judge, dictate to, and push there beliefs. It's my money to give, and how is it gonna be used.

Salvation Army accused of checking immigration status of kids before giving them toys

That's right. The have gifts and aid...for the right sort.

More on the Salvation Army's anti-gay jihad

This links to a list of articles looking at the attack on gay rights that
the friendly old SA is party to.

It's Christmas Time*

... As a kid I knew the Salvation Army as the Starvation army from old labor songs. They haven't changed much from the organization that would refuse help to striking workers. ...

Find a secular group to give support to. Find one that isn't about exclusion.

UPDATE: Added another link.

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