Saturday, December 19, 2009

Skipping town on the Sabbath

With the run to complete a health care bill, Senators are working out what to do to be in place. Some Reps are bragging and twittering about putting in a cot in their offices to be in place.

What a about Joe Lieberman, you asked? No? Well I'll tell you anyway.

He's left town. Why? Sure he wants to kill it. Sure he is in league with Reps and Insurers to block it. But even the Reps are staying in place.

But not Joe.

He's back in CT. It's the Sabbath after all.

Why is this okay? Oh, well, it is sensible and respectable....pfft...

No it isn't. Racing to a dying friend or family member, sure. Go to a pregnant wife, okay...or if you are...I understand. A family happens.

But the Sabbath? He does know that he gets 52 of them every year, right?

What would have been laudable would have been giving up on the Sabbath for once for important work for the sake of his state and his country. But he isn't that loyal, is he?

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