Thursday, December 03, 2009

Looking at a Democratic the enemy camp

A lot has been made of one comment made by Chris Matthews is getting lots of attention. And it deserves it. To him Obama was in the enemy camp, being at West Point.

First, is the ever applied assumptions that a Dem has no place on an army base, or amongst the armed forces. This is just tiring. Yes, people like Wolfowitz hang out here and plan and stage there foreign plans, but these are the armed forces that he is the commander of. Enemy camp? It's his freaking camp. And standing there, he owned it, and the responsibility of what is to come. No Matthews, he was taking ownership.

And it is funny if you see the end of the presidents speech, and how as he goes to talk with cadets they swarm around eagerly to talk, shake hands, and take pics. Wow, they really don't like him, hmm?

The other more direct issue is how Matthews looked at the image of the cadets and brass and saw a sober and serious group. The president is laying out how they will be expanding activity in a war zone, and how it will impact them. What was he expecting? Whooping? And if he didn't get them, or stage, eagerness among the uniformed's a failed speech, or an unfriendly audience. They are supposed to be disciplined. And they are not getting news of peacetime. They are getting ready to fight and serve, and are being appraised of what is coming. This was a business meeting. What more does Matthews seriously want?

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