Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Religious Right, The Family, and Uganda

Rachel Maddow and Jeff Sharlet looked at the looming law in Uganda that puts the lives of gay people in the country in peril. The law will put away gays in some cases in prison for life, and others committing aggravated homosexuality will be killed (What is aggravated?). As well, they will seek to have nationals in other countries that are engaged in gay acts extradited back to Uganda...

What they note is just how closely this law is tied to American citizens. There are the evangelicals that have gone to warn them and encourage them to go to war on homosexuals. There are the ties to Rick Warren at Saddleback (You know, the cuddly religious bigot.). Then there is the Family, that group of religious politicians joined together in secrecy. They have been engaged in enticing this assault on gays. In fact the president of Uganda is a member of the Family. What a wonderful group.

Crooks and Liars looks at this and has video from the interview.

Ah, the evangelical right, joined in the imprisonment and murder of homosexuals. How Christlike.

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