Thursday, December 03, 2009

Take a stand about rape?

Sen. Franken of MN put forward an amendment to address the inadequacy of the legal protection of people that are sexually assaulted by military contractors. A handful of Reps came over to vote with him, most didn't. They have been feeling heat over that ever since.

The response now from Reps in the Senate is laughable and telling.

Senators are coming out to complain. Apparently being put in a position to stand up against rapist and corporations that try and cover up assaults is just unfair. It is unconstructive. Bills and amendments against rape are a Daily Kos-esque kind of play. Best of all they hope they won't see any more stuff like this in the future.

Those are great lines from the Reps. All ruffled over having to take stands on the sober dignified Senate floor. For shame. It is a place for speeches, filibusters, preventing reform, and grandstanding. You Mr. Franken, sir, offend the delicate sensibilities of this august body...I must alight to my fainting parlor.

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