Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hands off holy mama

When I was born I was taken and baptized in a Catholic Church, after that I didn't really spend anytime in The Church. Except that one time a friend dragged me to communion and things got a bit wonky after I got the old wafer (not PZ Myers with a cracker cracker wonky just kid wandering into a groups weird ritual wonky).

So there was a whole lot about The Church I never knew. Until I saw the movie Dogma, I never knew what was supposed to be thought about Mary (God's baby's mama). I got that she was supposed to a virgin who gave birth to a child, sure why not. But the idea that she just stayed a virgin through the rest of her life...really? Why? As I understand now she's flippin' holy. She's the big mama of The Church, and no one touches mama. It's almost an arrested development fashion (And it does just add a whole new creepy layer to an already creepy story...perhaps I should tell the story of Jesus's conception this Christmas...). I mean, come on. Grow up, she had the kid and then had to go through raising him and Joseph had to be there, and just stand aside? They kept selling me as a kid the idea that her a Joe were in love and wanted to be together...or was that a lie to! Oh, man, is it all lies?!

Anywho. PZ Myers looks at the charming Catholic reaction to a billboard in New Zealand. They just don't seem to take to jokes about Joe and Mary's love life. Funny. Catholics always seem so light hearted and easy going....

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