Saturday, February 07, 2009

Beck continues being a mad clod.

Glen Beck is a twisted jerk wad. He has given us all plenty of examples of it. And he has been trying to build a goofy little point of the socialist/communist ends of Obama's plans. But now he has veered back over to Stein territory, the Nazi's are back. And they are Al Gore.

Al Gore is creating another Hitler Youth, Glenn Beck feverishly warns

Gore has a gain went to kids to improve the world, go out and be active. To Beck this is mind control and Orwellian...asking kids to get active. You may know that this is a motif of Gore's going way back. He likes to talk at schools at inspire the young to know they have a voice and an impact.

Now when Rick Warren blantantly says he wants to have youth rise up exactly like those in Nazi Germany or Mao's China, nothing, no comment. But Gore is apparently evil.

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