Sunday, February 15, 2009

I know officially Valentine's Day is over. But for some of you...[wink]

So be sure to check out for your further education...

Smartaxe and Sex in Space.


zoldy said...

Saw it again today. Have to love these people for taking this step. For those who can't get enough (like me) looking for more more more found the episodes at sex in space
youtube videos
, all in one place on euphorialand Sex in Space on TV

Saw some references to this piece OUTER SPACE SEX Carries complications

AND said...

Oh yeah and not too late for next Valentine's day! Hhaa Im getting 2suits. With me? His and hers or whatever. That 2suit testing in z-g on that show is it.

simms said...

That was pretty fantastic.
It would take something ingenious like a twosuit to get science off its ass as far as humanity goes.