Monday, February 02, 2009

Having clout

Recently the University of Vermont announced that Ben Stein would be the Commencement speaker. This displeased a whole lot of people. Not because of his dilly economic opinions, or bashing of Obama. No, it was Expelled, and the all the bad science and bad attitudes he worked damn hard to spread. So scientist on campus and around the country complained. But it seemed to be of no avail.

But PZ Myers has noted a change of heart. Incredibly it may be that one voice in particular had an impact, Dr. Richard Dawkins. He sent a letter of complaint, explaining the concerns so many have with Stein, a staucn opponet of science recently, and he got a response back apologizing and conceding. Apparently, he had to bad out. We owe a big thanks to him. As well, we have to marvel that there are still places in this country that esteemed, sharp, and witty people have some sway. Ironically, in a different speech Stein occasionally likes to give I think he would applaud that idea. Then again, maybe not.

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