Friday, February 13, 2009

He said Darwin...5 points

PZ Myers was nice enough to link to the video of Pres. Obama at the Lincoln dinner last night.

One thing that was a surprise last night was that Pres. Obama was actual able to, willing to, and eager to segue for a moment to one Charles Darwin, which I can't remember other presidents doing (not segueing from Lincoln to Darwin, but just talking Darwin...I was afraid it was in that taboo area you find Taiwan and Israeli nukes).

But this is the trend following on his continued references to nonbelievers in religious conversations and comments. Atheist have been leery of getting caught up just because the president is willing to acknowledge them as citizens and relevant. Though it was interesting to see some comments that nonbelievers wasn't the ideal term, then some suggested the term humanist, which was followed a short time later when the president used that term (again, something you just never hear from presidents). It is nice to hear, and as with the mention of Darwin it was meant to acknowledge him and hive accolades to the importance of science for the nation. It seems he is eager to support it. Real science. And while he has supported faith based initiatives, the president has also made comments about the value of secular charities and their place in this process, which I hope leads to this concept being expanded to incorporate the far wider selection of charities in this program.

Perhaps we can end up with a country where the occasional shout out is unimportant, as we are inundate with good science and a more secular society. But I'm not an optimist so I won't be saying it.


Some video that PZ Myers is pointing to.

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