Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gibbs jab

I have to like the light jab Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gave the White House reporters.


Case in point: White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, on the presidential plane today, directly targeted cable news as out of touch with America when asked about polling on the stim package. From the White House transcript:
I think it’s illuminating because it may not necessarily be where cable television is on all of this. But, you know, we’re sort of used to that. We lost on cable television virtually every day last year. So, you know, there’s a conventional wisdom to what’s going on in America via Washington, and there’s the reality of what’s happening in America.
That’s not all. In response to another question about Obama’s scheduled rally today in Elkhart, Indiana, Gibbs directly attacked the White House press corps. “We’ll get to measure whose questions were better over the course of the day — the voters of Elkhart or the reporters of Washington,” Gibbs says.

There’s still more. According to the pool report, senior Obama adviser David Axelrod ran with this ball on the campaign plane, too, saying that the new Gallup poll proves how out of touch Beltway insiders are.

It is nice to see the light, but pointed, points to the media. Even last night some reporters seems to show that they do not get it. Baseball steroids? Consumers are to blame for this trouble? But hey, Ed Schultz lucked into a front row seat by Helen Thomas. I noticed that some reporters are peeved at having to effectively draw straws for seating, and...having to allow the likes of Huffington Post. I don't recall much interest in the old days when Gannon was in the scrum with them. Eh.

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