Sunday, February 08, 2009

Making nice with deniers.

As you may have seen the Pope wants to make nice with a sect of the church that was pushed aside in the past for various issues, including denying the holocaust. Yup, priests who refuse to accept fault on the part of Nazi for the deaths of Jews, and others, in those chambers in those camps.

After pressure it seems the Vatican is demanding a recanting of the claims. The response, he'll look into it. Can't even lie about his bigoted beliefs. He's dedicated, to being asinine. And he will take his look at the really don't hear about this type looking at or being shown this evidence and actually changing their minds, it's already well set. And now he is given a huge platform to spread his position and piss poor arguments. Great.

But Ratz wants to be all but the secular world. They he wishes to Hell. To bad it doesn't exist.

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