Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Post and Global Warming.

Many of us have noted the odd failure of the Washington Post to hold George Will massively inaccurate global warming pieces in check.

WaPo Loves Them Some Will-Full Deceit

But the Ombudsman of the Post has come out to make things worse.

Washington Post Ombudsman Compounds Global Warming Misinformation In Response To Reader Protests Over Will's Column
Lucky Andy Alexander. Even before he introduced himself as the new Washington Post Ombudsman, replacing the embattled Deborah Howell, he has already stepped into a rather steaming pile of dung. Sadly, instead of discerning the truth for the readers of Washington Post, Alexander opted to compound the error...

You see he claims that the ACRC report that Will quoted as supporting his position, despite the fact it doesn't, does support Will and is in line with the claims printed in the paper. What does one say when the vaunted middleman for the press and public says something like this? You call them a LIAR.

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