Monday, February 16, 2009

McCain and King celebrate a Pres. McCain victory

TPM notes a charming headline that CNN had up on its site yesterday.

Obama off to bad start...

So says Senator, and two time presidential run loser, John McCain. Yeah, getting the presidency, getting the stimulus through, passing SCHIP, etc. What a loser. YEESCH!

But not to worry. Not to worry. John King was there to help...McCain.

Crooks and Liars:


KING: Well, if it’s the old business as usual, didn’t President Obama promise a new way of doing things in Washington? You say it was a terrible start. Are you sitting in your office these days saying, "I told you so"?

This from the man who warned Obama about being too liberal.

Forehead, meet keyboard. What I wouldn't give to see an intellectually honest discussion of the stimulus bill...obviously, it will not be found on "State of the Union".
Yeah, thanks King and CNN. And I noticed a segment title last night on CNN. Apparently since Obama is going to Denver to sign the stimulus into law, he's "snubbing" Washington.

...snubbing? So every time a President goes out into the world to sign a bill, like a national park, they have just snubbed Washington. After the work Obama has begun to connect political Washington to that place people actually work and live...snub? CNN, how full of shit can you be?

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