Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's global cooling...cause I hand picked a bunch of people to support me.


Politico has run a story, unsurprisingly, just going along with the RNC talking points. Apparently, global warming/climate change, particularly the man made bit, is totally suspect and not worth much. As their article suggest, the evidence of global cooling IS MOUNTING. Climate change is growing particular in the way it supports capping business pollution output (Should have figured that would be in there.). As is fun to notice with climate change deniers is how like the creationist they do sound (the evidence against is mounting, the prevailing opinion is on the way out).

But is just so nice to see that they are so open to support the attack on science. Of course...

More than 31,000 scientists across the world have signed the Global Warming Petition Project, a declaration started by a group of American scientists that states man’s impact on climate change can’t be reasonably proven.


Again, how many like petitions of "scientists" are out there in opposition to Evolutionary Theory.

They make some try at balance after quoting CATO, the Reps, and an alphabet of right wing groups.

Despite the growing science, the world’s leading crusader on climate change, Al Gore, is unconcerned.

“Climate deniers fall into the same camp as people who still don’t believe we landed on the moon,” said the former vice president’s spokeswoman, Kalee Kreider. “We don’t think this should distract us from the reality.”

Note they go in claiming "the growing science" should be swaying him.

TPM also interestingly notes that some like Fred Barnes are building there arguments to attack the prevailing science through...the former producer for Rush Limbaugh. He is the point person for the deniers in pumping out every misleading piece of info that can be accessed and spread.

Expect a rife and shit filled argument in Congress on climate change. Who is helping get good science into the hands of Congress?

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