Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Loyal Opposition

So what is happening among the Republicans these days?

Taking out vendettas against those that vote with the president.

Getting high level jobs at CBS News.

Trying to be hip, in the way ones parents occasionally try and fail.

Blocking another Dem from getting to the Senate by any means.

Being pissy about helicopters.

Trying to have their cake and eat it to.

Interesting note on strategy.


Matthew Yglesias has some thoughts on why Jindal is doing this in his post Bobby Jindal's Hostages.

My other thought is that there may be a “beggar thy neighbor” strategy going on here. If Louisiana makes its unemployment benefits less generous than what’s available in other states, then maybe unemployed citizens will leave Louisiana for Texas and other neighboring states, thus creating an artificial appearance of an improved economic situation. It would be the equivalent of Mike Bloomberg fighting poverty by demolishing all the low-income housing in New York and hoping the poor people all move elsewhere.

It's hard to say whether that might be true or not but since that was pretty well the response to Hurricane Katrina nothing would surprise me from the Republicans. The other possibility is that Ray Nagin is right and it's Jindal putting his presidential ambitions before the interest of his state. Not that I'm any fan of Ray Nagin but I'd have a lot of trouble disagreeing with him on this point and that it isn't just all politics for Jindal.


Making stupid comments (though that story looks exaggerated now) and claims about the presidents citizenship.

Being post-racial in the most old school ways. Thanks for reminding us Pat.

Claiming THEY are out to get them.

Relying on decades outdated strategies to knock down a president.

Ah, the Republicans. Not getting it since the 1920's.

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