Saturday, October 31, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With More Lego Michael Myers

Good news! I don't think I see any sign of Myers in the Halloween fun in my Lego City.

Should be smooth sailing.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Web Series

Come Halloween night, we all want something fun or interesting  to watch. Going online offers various options. So it's time to update the list from last year.

Here are some:


It takes the 18th century novella and moves it to a college setting. When I first covered it, only the first series was done. It currently has three series.

Series 1
Series 2
Series 0


A group of young women find themselves suddenly with great power, and a whole set of issues to deal with. They currently have 1 series. Great new series,


It follows a group of amateur paranormal investigators seeking out evidence of a world beyond, for a number of reason. It has a nice cast, some of whom you may remember from other series. So far we just have the one series.

Victoria Frankenstein, M.D.

The story of Frankenstein. Victoria Frankenstein. The series works a lot like Carmilla, with the characters creating vlogs that help continue the tale. It takes Frankenstein into the modern age. Live the classic tale once again.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

There are many specials that come out at Halloween. Or there were. We get some special episodes, and some oddities. But rarely do networks and actors put themselves out in often such an strange manner.

Consider the late 70's, 1979 to be exact. ABC gave us an odd little Halloween treat. The Halloween That Almost Wasn't. It's an odd collection of comedic and not so comedic actors in the role of various classic monsters. You may also know it by the name it picked up in 1992. The Night Dracula Saved the World. Yeah, the first title is more accurate, but the second one makes it clear that you're getting a dose of Dracula. With it's original title, maybe people thought they were seeing a Halloween version of the animated film Twas the Night Before Christmas. This is far goofier.

And that's apt, as the show was for years embraced by Disney and shown at Halloween.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With LEGO Michael Myers

I think I should be worried. It seems LEGO Michael Myers is visiting my LEGO City.

But I think I may be okay. It's not Halloween...yet.

Creeping Up On Halloween With Theatrical Dracula

If you are reading my blog you know that Dracula was quickly translated from book to stage. Bram Stoker than Hamilton Deane than John Balderston. Out of this we met Bela Lugosi.

The stage show has continued on since then, going from theater to theater. Many crews and actors have come to Seward's Sanitorium. And many Draculas have entered the scene.

With revivals in the 70's, helped by the artistic efforts of Edward Gorey, Dracula made a resurgence. And more actors of note played that role. Enjoy.

Frank Langella took on the role. And this lead to him starring in the 1979 Dracula.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Horror Off...Halloween Night, A Disney Halloween (1983)

"Mo-o-om! I'll bring in the other boxes
Sometimes the little kiddies need a treat come Halloween night. Some because they're too young to Trick or Treat. Some because they get home and need something to watch as they count their candy horde.

And what is the easier choice of amusement for the kiddies to start relaxing with than Disney. Disney the opiate of the minors.

One interesting choice from a day long past is A Disney Halloween. It was shown in 1983. I've seen it also called Disney's Halloween Treat. It may be that at different times it's been shown over the years that the name changed. "Disney Halloween Treat" seems to be the title of the song that plays at the start of the special, so it may have stuck, but I don't know. And who cares along as we get a nice dose of Mickey and his friends, right?

Okay, actually it seems this special combines the Disney's Halloween Treat from the previous year with the older Disney's Greatest Villains. And I think I know why I prefer this one. It adds the Magic Mirror as a character. But we'll get to him

Like many Disney series at the time (though this was while they were showing on CBS), we open with an introduction Michael Eisner, head of Disney who was trying to play the role Walt Disney used to play. (If you've read my Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy reviews, you've seen examples of his openings from back then.) This time around the people at Disney are getting ready for a Halloween party. Mickey and Minnie stop by to show off their costumes.

Then Goofy comes in to show the costume he's been working on for a month.

And into the special!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Horror Of...Universal Monsters, and the coming of Dracula

There has been a quite a gap in my coverage of Dracula in films, and Universal Movie monsters. So much so that I had not realized that the last of the cast of Dracula (1931) had passed last year. Carla Laemmle.

So as we delve back into the catacombs where Dracula lies, let's remember this woman with old ties to our classic horror.

Carla Laemmle was the niece of Universal Studios executive Carl Laemmle. She was lucky enough to get a role in Dracula, a speaking role even. That is a feat, if you consider how few speaking roles there are in the film, and that movies with talking in them were still rather new.

Speaking role in the movie, and great lighting. She must know someone.

More over, she gets the honor of being the first voice heard in a "supernatural thriller". She has a place in horror history. Mark her!

It's not her only tie to horror films. She also plays a small role in the early silent Phantom of the Opera. She's a dancer on stage.

People do like to know when actors overlap between different. Carla Laemmle is one of them. (And as we go through Universal Horror, we'll see some more of the cast of Dracula popping up in other later films.)

Now, let's get back to Dracula. If you have a desire to go back to some of the earlier pieces on Dracula and vampires, check here. And for a recap of Universal Horror.

I have previously touched on Dracula's early cinematic history, and Universal Studios acquiring the rights. But, before we delve into Dracula and it's making, let's look back at what made this film possible.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1 - "Pilot" - Girl Super Power

This continues a look at the Supergirl pilot.

Now that we've had a chance to experience Supergirl's premiere, it's time to revel.

The show has a wonderful feel that is reminiscent of The Flash, but is unique for this character and her sensibilities.

I know when the first look came out for the show their were some that had a reflexive dislike. It wasn't drenched in machismo, which we are taught as kids to expect from superhero adventure. Instead there's energy, adrenaline, idealism, hope, optimism, youthful delight, danger, threats, and fun. It's weird to see the rebuffing it got, and that some gave this show.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Supergirl Pilot/Season 1 Episode 1 Review

It has been a heady time for DC Comics on TV. Arrow. Flash. iZombie. Gotham. gone, but it was good while it was here (And he will be returning on Arrow.) We had a short animated series for VixenLegends of Tomorrow is coming soon. And we still have a live action Teen Titans pilot coming soon. Plus we have Lucifer and Preacher shows upcoming.

But right now, we have a new comer to leading a DC series. Kara Zor-El. Supergirl!

The show is in a funny spot. It has sister shows with Arrow and Flash on the CW, while it's on CBS. And the costume reflects some of the look of the movie Superman that is part of the expanding DC Cinematic Universe. But, at least for now, the show is off on it's own. (We just need the Flash to start passing through the space/time portals around Central City and pop up in National City.

And seeing as the show is coming from the creative team behind Flash and Arrow, if the channels decide to please fans, I can't believe we don't see an eventual crossover. But Kara needs time to settle into her show and establish her own mythos.

But we know what we eventually want to see.

"Wanna race?"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Horror Documentaries

Horror movies are always a treat. At Halloween they become a necessity. But sometimes it's nice to learn more about the history and experience that creates those movies that haunt our memories.

Spend some time learning more about horror classics of the 70's and 80's

In 1978, John Carpenter got a chance to make a mark on Halloween with a slasher killer with his simple name. Michael Meyers. Working his way through teenagers and adults, focused on his target. A tense and fun movie experience.


Creeping Up On Halloween With Jem

What's a perfect fit for Halloween? Some music. Some costumes. Outrageousness. How about Jem and the Holograms.

No. Not the new movie. That would make no sense. I mean 80's cartoons, and 80's music.

And Jem just happens to have a Halloween episode. Seems a local opera house is in danger of closing. Luckily Jem and the Holograms step in to save it, with music.

While you muse about taking the second season DVD off your shelf, we can all enjoy the episode's songs.

"It's Fun To Be Scared" - Jem and the Holograms

Creeping Up On Halloween With Caramel Apple Oreo

When it comes to Halloween we do rather get obsessed with Pumpkin, or rather Pumpkin Spice. We love it, we hate it, we're over it.

Hey, I still love some pumpkin.

But apples have such a history with Halloween, and it's just feels like it's getting passe by too easily. Who doesn't love a Halloween party and some Bobbing For Apples? ...Do people still bob for apples? Is that still a thing, or is that that gone the way of peeled grapes as eyes? (Not that I really loved the messy experience to get an apple. Felt like a way to trick kids into washing their faces and getting fruit.

But the apple has it's history. The Fall caramel apple is still a joy...If you like working through hardened caramel to eat a Red Delicious apple. And then there's getting an apple when you go door to door Halloween Night...which really bit it...

But it has a noble history. The apple. Foe of many the young maiden. Biblical to Fairy Tales,

So how have we forgotten our old friend, fresh off the tree?

Well, it is a fruit, and one we have access to all year, including as a sweet. Apple Pie. Apple Crumble. Apple Juice. Apple Tea. Where's the shortage, the artificial rarity?

Who cares? If you can use it right, it's a fun treat for this season. And as noted above, it fits nicely in. And it's a break from the pumpkin, chocolate, and marshmallow.

And Oreo has  just the thing. Annoyingly, it seems it won't be around long.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Friday the 13th Part 3

No this isn't a review of Jason's second trip to summer camp (Or is it the third if you count the flashbacks?). Rather let's just take a moment to enjoy a taste of the 80's. A Disco...ish opening theme. And the effort to do some 3D credits. Oh, yeah.

You can move to it, you can run from it, but you'll never escape it.

Whether or not you ever see this movie, you need to feel the 80's glory in this opening title sequence.

Of course there is another part of this movie you should also revel in. Partake in the wonder of Crispin Glover dancing.

Can't you imagine him groving to that opeing?

Masks. Machettes. Moms. Oh, no. Music. It's all about that music.

Enjoy that opening music as you prep for your Halloween.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Back in the day, or so I've heard, their was the holiday special. A mix of music, humor, and celebrity. Be it Life Day or Valentines we had our specials. People today do have a feel for them, as they do get referenced and parodied. But they are just an echo.

Were they any seems like they were popular. As offshoots of variety shows, they were glitzy and used popular entertainers of the day. As the descendant of old Vaudeville, I assume, we are meant to be entertained and bemused at the spectacle put on for us.

The trick is that for most of us, the closest we've ever gotten to these shows of old are the parodying of them on shows like the The Simpsons. Their an echo of the past we know by mockery.

We still don't even get the Star Wars Holiday Special. But they are all special.

And this is Halloween, we need spectacle and sites to never be unseen.

We need a Halloween Special! And what better to go with than Paul Lynde and his Halloween Special? Nothing!

In 1976 October people got a treat. ABC put the show on air on October 29th. So while it wasn't on the night, at least it wasn't on in November, or the start of the month. Besides, it was the 70's I'm sure people were too busy with fondue, cheap plastic masks, and stagflation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Horror Of...Psycho, In Short

Oh my. Psycho. It's a movie that has locked it's placed in cinematic and horror history. So simple, and so potent.

Hitchcock had a way.

It's a movie most everyone knows, even if they've not actually watched the movie. Of course, if you haven't seen it, there is a lot you've likely missed in the characterization, music use, scene creation, and camera work. We can think we know it all about Marion Crane, and Norman Bates.

And sadly, even if you haven't seen the film, you know what to expect... It was something that the first audiences didn't know, so they got to have the true experience of how the movie shifts and turns in it's unexpected manner.

But today, we most all see the pivotal scenes replayed somewhere. It's all memes now.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Count Floyd

Count Floyd is always up to try and bring some terror to your Halloween. It's not his fault he doesn't get to pick the films he shows.

True this is a character sketch from SCTV, but Floyd always represented that classic horror host and Creature Feature show. Often the host was someone that worked other jobs at a station, and they ran with what movies they had on hand.

In his case Count Floyd is Floyd Robertson, one of the anchors of SCTV's news show. He's played by the always energetic and fun Joe Flaherty.

Floyd was trying to put on a show, and have fun as the "dark" count. But the producers of his show could never really get their hands on decent horror movies for him to amp up his show, instead usually getting a line of weird or boring movies. And the station crew were constantly walking on set and working while he was trying to play his character and engage the kids at home watching.

But Count Floyd keeps trying to keep and maintain the feel.

Let's see some of the count's most horrifying film choices.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Flash Review Season 1 - Team Flash

With Season 2 of The Flash getting ready to start, let's look at where we find our heroes. The world changed at the start of Season 1, and at the end of the season it was near the end of it all.

Barry Allen has gained phenomenal powers, and is eager to make use of them. Through his experiences he gains a number of friends and allies. So let's look a little at his friends, then get back to Barry.

The Horror Of...iZombie Season 1, In Short

As Halloween approaches the season is an apt time for certain themed shows to return. The zombie shows. Z Nation has started. There's some Walking Dead stuff going on. And iZombie is starting up again!

Now some people complain that we already had a zombie show. Don't care. We have different shows of other genres, so zombies deserve exploration (and not just repetition). And these shows try and go in different directions.

Unfortunately, In The Flesh went off the BBC. It looked at the aftermath of zombies rising, where society was dealing with containing and curing the remaining zombies. It was an interesting drama. And it was it's own thing.

Z Nation with it's more colorful, adventuring, road trip group has a very unique feel on SyFy. It is playing with a range of zombies, weird situation, and now a post nuke environment. It's fun to tune in every week.

Now we have iZombie. It's a show that again takes the zombies in a new direction. And the result is fun, with plenty of blood.

Coming from the creators of Veronica Mars, it makes use of humor in the midst of dark and macabre happenings in Seattle. Zombies are afoot. Crimes need to be solved. A corporation is conspiring. And Liv Moore is in serious need of straightening her life out...or unlife?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With KISS

When you want some metal music and make up, you go to one place first at Halloween. KISS.

When I was a kid there was a magic to KISS. (...Okay. As I've said before, I was more the kid freaked out by the likes of them.) It was that 70's turn 80's time. It was their prime. God, I remember KISS toys  in stores.

And it's been joked about, but it was also quite real. KISS TV movie. KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park (And that is the official name of the movie.). KISS didn't love the film, but it is part of their mythos, and is a great film to check out this October.

Revel in this ad.

I do love these Big 3 Movies of the Week.

The Flash Review Season 1 - The Rogues

As the Season 1 turns to Season 2, and I've run behind on reviewing the season, let's take a breakdown of what's been happened.

Starting with the Rogues.

We've already seen Weather Wizard I, Multiplex and Simon Stagg, The Mist, and Captain Cold. Out of them, only Mist and Cold are actually still alive, one imprisoned and one on the run.

As the season progresses there are more Rogues to meet.

Plastique appears as a soldier who ends up merged with high explosives.It makes it difficult for her to touch thing, as it tends to lead to detonation.

It also gives an excuse to stick in a joke I had made for the episode review.

That was worth it, right?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Trailers In Short - Time for some SPO-OO-OKINESS.

October means horror. Granted so does December and any other month. But we do expect the entertainment industry to put up a bit extra effort.

So why are there Christmas themed horror movies popping up? Damn it, Commercialism!

Today we have A Christmas Horror Story, Krampus, The Hallow, Blood Sucking Bastards, and Crimson Peak.

A Christmas Horror Story

This one has a least a cameo of sorts from William Shatner. Bonus!

But we also get Santa and...zombie elves? I am still with this. And the Krampus, of course. It's becoming pretty ubiquitous. To an extent it feels like a movie made by people that are fans of a lot of the older silly Christmas horror, like Santa Slay, Two Front Teeth, and Elves.

This also have a real feeling like the fake trailers that pop up. But I am seeing some plenty Canadian actors that I enjoy, so I'd like to be hopeful about this being...something.

And I would enjoy watching a month or so.


Sure. Adam Scott and the Krampus. ...I will be so much more into this stuff come November. Thanksgiving rarely gives us any good horror movies. So I'll be ready to start bypassing that holiday. I just don't need the Christmas music right now. (Yet parts of the local superstore thinks constant Christmas music is awesome right now...

Krampus. The Krampus is drawn to the house and then all Hell breaks loose.

Neither of these  movies is on par with Rare Exports. Just sayin'.

But back to the more season appropriate fare.

The Hallow

The fairies and changelings are coming. When you enter their domain, they return the favor. Seems they want to play with some of the lore of fairies, before they became all wings and wishes.

It's hard to tell her is the fairies will work, or if it will rely to much on jump scares, but a British "You shouldn't have left your big city" story may proves to be a fun excursion.

Blood Sucking Bastards

At the start of the trailer I was leery, but as it goes on it does show some more amusing promise. Still, I'd go first for Netherbeast Incorporated any day. Of course in this one we are supposed to hate on the vampires, and I am guessing we are going to get a Boiler Room vibe to start.

And this trailer gets extra points for pointing out how stupid it is to think you could stake a vampire with a pencil.

And now the main feature...

Crimson Peak

Oh, lord. Ghosts. Gothic. Del Toro. Tom Hiddleston. Will we survive such an experience?

Guess it depends how good it actually is. With a living haunted house, living people who seem to entombed in their past, it seems the mood is set for a Mid-October horror treat.

The pace and a style look wonderful in this film. While we seem to have a good deal of CGI on display, Del Toro is a deft director and creative force. In a cheaper and more rushed movie I would worry about jump scares and excessive nonsense.

I just am trusting for now that Del Toro is not going to have instead dropped a trick in our candy bags.

Creeping Up On Halloween With Terror Obscura and Fear Fan

Halloween needs it's horror movies. Some are good and some are bad. So it's nice to learn a bit about some of the films we can sit back and watch and dread.

We are fortunate to have a number of horror film reviewers online who actually know what they are talking about. They have their own taste and style. One you should take a look at is Fear Fan's Terror Obscura..

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Universal Monsters

While many people and studios have had there impact on cinematic horror, Universal Studios has a long pedigree.

The 1930's began a line of films that help shape horror in many ways still. Black and white. Dark moors and forest. Angry villagers with their torches. "Good evening." "It's alive!" "Even a good man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when..."