Friday, March 23, 2007

At look at Frank Miller's recent work.

Here are some looks at Frank Miller's recent work with Batman

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder

Bet it sounds fin and exciting, and a classic sort of tale of team work and good old fashion fun.

You really don't know Frank Miller, do you?

A look at issue 1.

A loo at the issues use of the Vicki Vale character. You may remember her from the 1989 movie Kim Bassinger. But she has been around quite a while. She started as a feisty photojournalist dedicated to her stories, you know, like Lois Lane.

In the Miller vision, she is a bit different. How does she go. Well, how do you introduce a character like this? How about in her underwear prancing around a penthouse with the windows wide open, commenting on various heroic manhoods. PERFECT?

How do you draw this? Focus on her tuckus, OBVIOUSLY! And this piece has Miller's notes on how the artist should work. Ass shots. Focus on her thighs. Panels made up of her backside with word bubbles around it. Clearly, she is a key character to the story. A character with something to say, and bring the writer. Yeah, she is here for a reason. Pity it is just for an erection.

And there's more.

Pain Is One Hell Of A Motivator.

A look at issue 3.

Here we meet Black Canary. A great character. She goes back to the early days of the superheroes. She was in the background of that Power Girl image that I keep bring in up. She is a fighter, a damn good one. She is best known these days as the top operative in Birds of Prey, a female superhero ops team, lead by the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. She kicks the toughest butts. And is a respected elder in the hero community.

So how does FRANK come at her?

-She is a bartender, in a slime pit where she is put upon and treated like meat.
-Okay? The costume comes from...?
-The fact it is a kinky Sin City! So they have the women dress in stilettos and fishnets, and masks.
-SIGH Fine. So she fights crime in secret, from the midst of the dreck, right?
-No, she just serves drinks and gets talked down to and objectified.
-Then she snaps.
-She had enough, right?

Captioned: "It's not the insults that these vermin pass off as flirtation. That's not what set her off. ... It's a man. That's what set her off. A single, solitary man. A man that's got her thinking all different. A man she's never even met."


Liam: "What's gone and gotten into your head, sweetheart?"

Canary: "... Batman."

So...why is she standing up for herself? Batman!
Why is she going out to fight? Batman!
Does she have any opinion on herself and her value. ...Batman?

That is obviously the only way for her to work in a Batman book...of course they have mentioned Superman, and he seemed to come to form without Batman kicking his butt into action. Oh, she's a girl...

...And we are talking Frank Miller.

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