Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sexual Education

A couple of stories on being educated on sex.

HPV Vaccine:
Vaccine but not heard
American conservatives think laws that require STD vaccinations would endorse premarital sex. Why are cowardly lawmakers starting to agree?

A lot of this focuses on the teaching of and promoting of abstinence. These girls could be protected from a cancer. But the fact it needs to be given before sex ever occurs, it is tied to allowing them to have sex. Did I mention, it can prevent a form of CANCER!

Well, it is good to see where these groups and parent's priorities are.

More on abstisence ed:

Governor kinda sorta tells your daughter to run out and get knocked up, we swear
Ever wonder how abstinence-only “education”, which is only “education” if you thinking lying to someone and refusing to educate them about the facts is “education”, got any traction with voters at all?

Here’s a hint: It’s probably because people think the only other alternative is having the radical sexual mafia telling kids to go out and fuck immediately. Where do they get this impression? From the so-called liberal media. Check out this headline from the Cincinnati Enquirer, in a story that’s about Ted Strickland’s entirely reasonable rollback of education that doesn’t educate.


Why they didn’t just title this piece “Democratic Governor Wants Some Grubby Kid To Penetrate Your Daughter”, I don’t know.

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