Monday, March 05, 2007

Where do we put the line?

The Daily Show did a segment recently about the people in Texas upset that a group of Muslims have moved in and are trying to open a mosque/meeting they cared or would know the difference.

As the video goes on, dealing with their neighbor, who is having pig races, the interview and get a feel for the people of the community coming to events beside the recently bought land.

In essence, they are running pig races on the holy night for Muslims. And trying to be sure the pigs are as close to the Muslim land as possible. This is because pigs are seen as unclean in Islam. The man even goes on to say, as he owns the land all around the Muslims, he wants as many pigs as he can get.

Now, people have a right to do what they want on their land, that included non Christians. So this guy has a right to. But the troubling thing is that it is clear he is trying to be offensive, mean, and hopes it will drive away his neighbors. And as you listen to the people who come for a beer and a pig race, they seem pretty eager. The Muslims should go. Something could happen to them if they make trouble. And in a state where even being an atheist is making trouble, that won't be hard to do.

What ends up really making this a trifecta (We already have the drunken American rednecks and the Christianity.). they have flags up everywhere and love to sing "Proud to be an American". Conservatives, look at your base.

...Meanwhile Ann Coulter thinks everyone's a gay, but her. CPAC is already registering her to speak next year.

Perhaps I am a bit from on conservatism...but then I see who the causes leaders call in to speak, and the comments leaders and representatives say in meetings. If this is what you think represents America and its is paramount to stand in opposition.

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