Tuesday, March 06, 2007

CPAC beleives in personal responsibility, just not their own personal responsibility.

The CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, caused quite a stir from Coulter's slurs to Newt's questioning the mental capacity of the citizens' of New Orleans.

But the slurs coming from Ann Coulter have drawn the most fire. People have been contacting them since interested in a comment, a condemnation, and/or a promise to stop inviting, year after year.

Just got back from CNN. I suspect I'll have more to add tomorrow, but the Hotline perhaps summed up best my feelings on Ann Coulter: If conservatives really think her hate doesn't represent them, then stop inviting her.

From Hotline:
The Blogometer has previously posted about our hesitancy to write about Ann Coulter, but conservative blogger outrage following her hijacking of media coverage of CPAC deserves further examination. A common theme running through conservative blogger thoughts on the incident is that her words were just typical of her act and no one should really be surprised. But if that's true, then why invite her to speak in the first place? Let alone after one of the GOP's big WH '08 three. Post-fracas condemnation of Coulter is good and all,
but until Coulter starts getting shut out of events like CPAC, GOPers deserve to have Ann hung around their necks.

Yes, why? She comes in. She says something horrible, and worse almost always a lie. And then conservatives go out a buy up her books. Then some group or show invites her back...and the cycle goes on.


But what does CPAC say?
ACU and CPAC leave it to our audience to determine whether comments are appropriate or not. "Ann Coulter is known for comments that can be both provocative and outrageous. That was certainly the case in her 2007 CPAC appearance and previous ones as well. But as a point of clarification, let me make it clear that ACU and CPAC do not condone or endorse the use of hate speech," said David A. Keene, ACU Chairman.

Does that mean he believes her speech was "hate-speech"? Why can he not just say so and disinvite her in the future? The answer: because the base would explode. Coulter is central to a core element of the conservative movement today. And Keene can't risk taking her on.

So she goes unfazed, unrepentant, and unmarred by her acts.

And the rich get richer - You got that right Bender.

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