Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Turn about is fair play.

I finally found the page with some fun...maybe a bit disturbing examples of the shoe on the other foot.

From CounterPunch:

Totally Appropriate Covers (with bonus, never before seen script excerpts)!

Well, we’ve done just about every variation on the theme by now, so let’s go back to the basics: Black on black, a full cover shot of Batman’s ass. Add in the utility belt for colour – give it that Sin City look. Show me thick, powerful legs under that latex or whatever the hell he wears. Clenched butt muscles. Make it obvious this is no BatGIRL we’re talking about.

I know. Some people are going, GEEZ! What is with that? That is SO unfair. You HAVE TO be exaggerating.


Here is the proof. Frank Miller's OWN cover.

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