Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vacc Attack, not backing them is wack.

PZ Meyer is looking at a move opponents of vaccinations to make a move in the Minnesota legislature.

The focus is on vaccines containing thimerosal. Their is a fear it causes autism.

The emphasis is the on FEAR. Evidence is not lining up to support the connection. But the attack on vaccines continues just as strong, just as sure.

There's supposed to be a hearing next week on a bill that would limit the use of vaccines containing thimerosal, because of the belief that they may cause autism. This is the third year that this bill has been presented, and it keeps failing, but they keep bringing it back up, even though it's clearer now than ever that there is no connection between the two - there's been no more than trace amounts of thimerosal in childhood vaccines made since 2001, and more autism than ever in kids too young to have been exposed to it. This isn't just bad science: it's the Legislature telling parents they can't trust their pediatricians, and giving credence to the quacks who want to treat autistic kids with chelation, homeopathy, hyperbaric oxygen, high-dose vitamin supplements, and all manner of other dubious remedies.

This conspiracy talk, pediatricians poisoning kids, is disgusting. And driving parents with seriously ill children to homeopathy, faith healing, and quackery is just unconscionable.

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