Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kit Bond, let them have matches!

Kit Bond doesn't like Al Gore, or environmentalism.

Yesterday, GOP Senator Kit Bond attacked Al Gore for being concerned about global warming. Bond's argument was that Al Gore doesn't care about little young match girls who are going to freeze to death because their poor parents can't afford to heat heir homes in the winter because of people like Al Gore (i.e., if we have to trouble ourselves with global warming, it might make energy costs go up).

But the irony in such an argument, about letting little poor children freeze is here.

Putting aside the question of whether it's worse for this girl to put on two sweaters or swim to school every day, it's people like Senator Bond who are stopping little girls from having heat in the winter. Bond has repeatedly voted against the LIHEAP program, a program that helps pay the winter heating bills (and summer cooling bills) or low-income and elderly families. And it wasn't the only time that Senator Bond voted to freeze little girls to death because he's too cheap.

Maybe he would like to refrain his claim? Maybe, he can pick something that does not point back to him and kids freezing or baking to death.

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