Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Senate reaction to the growing US Attorneys trouble.

The glacial, sartorial Senate has decided to react to the situation with the instilling of US Attorneys in this country. You see, with the Patriot Act, among the powers given to Bush was the ability to just select and install US Attorneys, without Senate approval.

The Senate, has voted, 94-2, to end this power. Presidents will need to go to the Senate from now on when they want to change Attorneys.

So odd, such fast action. But the Republicans are looking at a possible Democrat president in '08. When the Patriot Act went into place, the dream of decades of Republican dominance was still a not utterly insane dream of a craven egomaniac in the back of the White House.

Or, maybe they are realizing that oversight is not an evil thing. It would have been nice to have them realize it sooner, if so.

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