Sunday, March 25, 2007

They stick to you.

When people like Ann Coulter, Jerry Farwell, or Pat Robertson do or say something horrible, most conservatives shy away and say they have no connections to them, they are unimportant, they don't reflect their thinking.

Yet, they keep get invited back to parties, conventions, and find raisers. They are sought for money, support, and endorsements.

So, when conservatives try to shy away, it is time to say NO. NO, you take their money. NO, you go to them for photo ops. NO, you give them platforms to spout their hate.

We've seen a lot of Coulter nonsense, and we'v seen Falwell ass kissing.

Here is some Pat Robertson groveling.

Mitt Romney will be delivering a commencement address at Pat's Regent University.

Rudy Giuliani will stop by Regent to pay homage to Pat. He will be the featured speaker at the University's Executive Leadership Series on April 17.

John McCain sucks up to Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network on The Straight Talk Express bus, bleating about his need to garner the evangelical vote, and his courting of the fringe right. ("I have had meetings with [Southern Baptist Convention President] Dr. Richard Land. I have met with Reverend Jerry Falwell. I have had good conversations with [Evangelical leader] Reverend [John] Hagee. There are many others.")

Sam Brownback turned to CBN to accuse Mitt Romney not a genuine social conservative.

And the next time he calls for someone to die, or a city and its citizens to be wiped from the face of the Earth, they will laugh and shrug him off. No biggie. But they will go back, on their knees.

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