Thursday, March 22, 2007

Edwards, not ready to throw in the towel on ANY front.

This morning the media was buying into the story from Politico that the Elizabeth Edwards had a return of her cancer concerns, and that Edwards was going to end his campaign.

The Edwards family has a different plan.

Elizabeth Edwards did announce that through unfortunate luck it was discovered she had malignant cancer in her bones, about the right ribs. But it has been found very very early. So while it may reach from the bone, to a lung, it is a a point that it can be treated.

Curing is not possible. But it can be treated. The family stands upbeat for the public and media. They are eager to get the treatment needed, and they are eager to get on the campaign trail again.

They are a family of fighter. They have lost, suffered, and failed at reaching on some campaigns. But they keep it up.

We have no intention of cowering in a corner.

Good for them. I wish her the best, and her family.

And I hope his voice get heard more now. Especially with ideas, like expanding guranteed health care to everyone. It can't be allowed to fall in the cracks.

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