Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pace may need to start pacing himself

Pace, now famous for blind support for the Iraq War AND handing down moral guidance from up above...at the Pentagon.

In his now noted statement, he explained that homosexuals and homosexual acts are immoral. They are just like cheating on your wife. It is wrong and harmful.

He later came out and explained he made a mistake. He should not have veered from discussing military laws and protocols...not that looking at 10's of thousands of troops as immoral and disgusting. Well...at least he's honest. Uh.

Responses to his words have come swiftly. And they are not stopping now.

I hear a slew of editorials are coming out tomorrow, slamming the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff for his bigoted, homophobic comments today about gay and lesbian soldiers. It didn't help that the not-very-Christian bigots of the religious right are now sending out action alerts urging their members to call the White House and say that General Pace is right, gay soldiers really are immoral. Seems the far-right wacko wing of the Republican party still didn't get the message - you're toxic and nobody likes you anymore. Call it the "Mary Cheney" effect. Now that Mary is preggers and due any day now, I don't see this White House doing a lot to publicly attack the vice president's lesbian daughter.

Stay tuned, I think tomorrow is going to be fun.

The hits will continue. And the defense for him is coming from the nastiest of the religious. This will not be pleasant for him. We will see where the White House goes.

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