Sunday, March 04, 2007

Popoff pops up

Returning to an old con, and one covered in a previous post, we see Peter Popoff is back...rather he never really left. Randi didn't nail him hard enough.

Popoff is continuing in his ministries. Now he has got infomericals. And has products to sell. Plenty.

One Good Move has the video of an Inside Edition segment on his resurgence.

Did I say resurgence? $23 million in 2005. $600,000 in salary for him. And another $600,000 paid to his wife and kids. And he lives in a multimillion dollar house, and drives a Porsche. All from selling people on tap water vials and table salt packets.

Here is the delicious double edged sword he wields in his infomercial. PLEASE TAKE NOTE.
You see it's not the water that release the power. It is your obedience to the instructions of the prophet of God.

Ahh. Take it in. You need to be fully obdient, unquestioning even. That is the message of faith and religion. And when one takes on the cloak of the divine or its reps, you get people more than willing to shut up and just send the check. Tithings a bitch, hmm?

And as a con it is a beautiful classic of an expert swindler. You see, you need to be obideient. So what happens when the thing doesn't come to be? Obviously, you were not truly obideient. You dooubted. You questioned. Your fault. Granted, for buying into the con, you are at fault.

It is just like this new Secrets trend. Beleive, hope, and mind waves make dreams come true. What happens when you don't get a million, or a supermodel, or your cancer doesn't disappear? It's your fault, you didn't think hard enough, or in the right way, or order, or...whatever. Shame on you.

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