Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weekday fun

Plenty of fun on TV today.

From The Daily Show, we got John Bolton. Watch. Listen as he explains Abraham Lincoln to John Stewart. Someone who is an avid fan of the Lincoln presidential period. Someone who has interviewed respected historians who have written tomes on Lincoln's presidency. Someone who apparently doesn't get Lincoln. I mean, Lincoln did hat dissenters of any sort in his cabinet. Right? That is what history shows?

Then think. Think that this guy thinks he knows how to handle international diplomacy. Think that he sat down with George Bush, and Bush thought, 'this guy is pretty smart'. Think about it, won't you?

Then from the committee hearing, starring Al Gore.

Inhofe didn't realize he wasn't the head of the committee, as his party is not in the majority. He attempted to dictate how the procession would continue, how Gore would be allowed to answer his questions, and Committee Chair Barbara Boxer needed to step in...and give Inhofe a time out.

Sen Boxer:

"We're freezing the time for a minute. I want to talk to you [Inhofe] for a minute, please.

... don't make the rules anymore...You used to when you did this. [Holds up chairperson's gavel.] You don't do this anymore. Elections have consequences."

The express riders must still be making there way to his offices in Oklahoma with the news.

I know we will all miss them:

The secret Republicans only Congressional meetings.
The meetings banned because a senior Republican refused to attend and gavel it in, or acknowledge it.
The gaveling out of meetings, when the Republicans got what they wanted, or they did not like where things were going.

...and theirs more...SIGH.

So long crappy incompetent single party governance. Miss ya.

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