Sunday, March 18, 2007

Drawing women. No, draaawwing, with a pencil.

This story may be more a joke or myth, but it comes with a moral.

This is the cover for the upcoming issue of the comic book, Justice League of America.

Pictured is Black Canary, and Power Girl.

So much can be said. And I will point to some odd and irritating art habits and accepted rules in the comic industry, one of these days.

But you may...notice...Power Girl's (the one in white)...breast.

The story going around is that the original cover came in and the order came back that she needed a...reduction. This is the result. May be a joke. Still, look at her. She is supposed to be a serious 3 dimensional (No jokes...okay.) character and hero, a peer of Superman.

But if you look at many comics, and some real nasty work in the 90's, the need for reductions is not a rare. I have to link later to a great and actual art book put our by Marvel comics that really is a piece...

As for Power Girl, thank kryptonian physiology that she is a Kryptonian (Superman's species), or she would be in a hospital in traction.

She has a spine and back muscles of steel.

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Joel Bryan said...

If true it seems pretty contemptuous on Michael Turner's part. I mean who are these stupid editors to tell a top pro... a god of female pulchritude... to reduce the boobs on his masterwork?

Wow. I hope not. I hate the Michael Turner I just unfairly conjured from my own mind!